Need Help Getting Cheap Car Insurance Quotes?

With prices going up on everything these days, I am sure that you would love to save money on your car insurance. This article will provide some tips that you can use to quickly reduce your car insurance rates. Use them and you will be getting cheap car insurance quotes in no time.

Insuring more than one car with the same insurer can often get you a multiple car discount on auto insurance premiums for each vehicle. Look for an insurer who will put all of your vehicles on the same policy. Although some insurers will write you a separate policy for each vehicle and still give you the multiple car discount, this may not be the case.

Often you can save a lot on your premiums by increasing your comprehensive and collision deductibles. Be sure that you have enough savings to foot the bill for the increased deductible. Now if you raise your deductible from $500 to $1000 and your premium is reduced $50 for a six month policy, this is only a $100 annual savings, while you are on the hook for an extra $500 in deductible should you have to file a claim. But if you save a few hundred dollars every year by raising your deductible then this would be much more worthwhile.

If the number of miles that you drive annually is low, then you may qualify for a low mileage discount. But be sure that you are truthful in your mileage estimate, because a fraudulent estimate could cause your insurer to not back up your coverage. Also, if you have an older driver on your policy, this may save you money on your premiums.

Get as many online quotes as you can. By checking with several insurers, you will discover that some will provide discounts that the others do not offer.